Victor Clement de Girodelle 2
Victor Clement de Girodelle is second in charge of the Royal Guard after Oscar Francois de Jarjayes . However, when Girodelle openly treats Oscar as a woman, he was furious that Oscar became Captain of the Royal guard when he wanted the position and the fact that Oscar was a woman made it worse because women weren't supposed to have any authority or positions that traditionally belonged to men.

After she got her heart broken by Hans Axel Von Fersen and left the Royal guard, General de Jarjayes has Victor become Oscar's arranged fiance as his misguided way of letting Oscar finally become a woman and make up for all the years of abuse he bestowed on her and for raising her as a man when he realized the consequences of doing so. Victor agreed to it because he was actually in love with Oscar and saw her as a great beauty and vowed to be by her side, regardless that she took the military position as a woman. But when Oscar's father said she can choose another man to be her husband when she refused to marry Victor, Oscar wanted to make herself clear to Victor and the other men that she does not choose any of them, Oscar dresses in her uniform at her engagement party, jokingly saying there are no women at the party, dances with the and leaves, Victor was heart broken but he knew Oscar would never chose him and humbly accepted his defeat.

When the Revolution began, he found out that Oscar married André Grenadier and that she was killed during the battle of Bastille prison, devastating him. Soon like the other Nobles, Victor was brought to trial by the people to be tried for the crimes he committed against the poor and country, and he was eventually guillotined.

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