Hans Axel von Fersen is a Swedish count who falls in love with the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

Some time after realizing that his affair with Marie Antoinette was causing her reputation to be ruined in the Courts he joins the army to help fight in America. At this point, Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes has fallen in love with him but does not convey it to him.

Years later, he returns safe and sound. The love situation between Oscar and him is resolved as Oscar realizes she loved André Grenadier for years and became lovers during Fersen's absence. Fersen spends his days in Versailles aiding the Royal Family and keeping his love hidden.

After The Storming of Bastille, he helps the Royal Family Escape from the palace to escape the attacks of the people. He intended to accompany them all the way but the King told him to go and escape to safety.

When he finds out they were caught and Marie Antoinette was executed, he was devastated, heart broken and full of grief rage. When he got back to Switzerland, he became a cruel tyrant who hated his people as they reminded him of the people who killed Marie Antoinette, ten years later in his reign, he was slaughtered by his people.

It is evident that the love between him and Marie is still there throughout the series but they don't act upon it later on in the series.