Duke de Guemene2
Duke de Guemene
Duke Henri Salvator de Guéméné, an arrogant and cold man cared very little for those who were not royal and immediately murdered a young boy, who was a neighbor to Rosalie, for stealing a small bit of his money. Confronted by Oscar for his horrible actions, Duke de Guéméné issued a challenge - a pistol duel. Working with The Duke of Orléans, he hoped to trick Oscar by using the sunlight against a broken window to blind her as she turned, so he could shoot her to her death. At the moment coming upon her planned death however, Oscar instinctively noticed their deception, and she immediately shot Duke de Guéméné’s pistol hand. Because of the duel, Oscar was sent by Lady Antoinette to disciplinary confinement, not to punish her because the Duke challenged Oscar in a legal duel, but to protect her as Marie Antoinette saw that people are going after Oscar to get to her and wants to keep her away from Versailles until things calmed down so Oscar would be safe.