Charlotte is the daughter of Lady Polignac and half sister of Rosalie. She is eleven years old and is considered a great beauty in Versailles and her mother is determined that Charlotte marries a rich noble so they can pay off their debts.

However, her mother betrothed her to Duke de Guiche, a noble who was also a pedophile who wanted to marry Charlotte, regardless that she is a child. Horrified and disgusted, she started to go mad, then during a party after Duke de Guiche kissed her hand, she ran to Latona fountain and washed her hand violently. Then she see's the statue of a frog, one she saw in her dream the night before, and believes it is a sign that the only way to free herself from Duke de Guiche and her mother's clutches was to commit suicide so she can be reincarnated as a commoner and be free as she believes frogs represent rebirth. She jumps off the tower of Versailles and kills herself, devastating her mother and upsetting Rosalie. She died not knowing that Rosalie is her half sister.

In the manga she kills herself by throwing herself off the stairwell and Oscar tried to stop her, and Charlotte screams out that she will be reborn as a commoner and not marry if she chooses not to. This shows Charlotte is a firm believer in not only the afterlife, but reincarnation as well.


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