He is one of Robespierre's follower, he believes that nobility and the crown are not the way to run a country and wants France to be ruled by the people where everyone can have justice, live happily and where everyone's voice can be heard to make their country great.

He is the Black Knight but the one who only knows his identity are Oscar, Andre, Rosalie and Robespierre. When he was injured he was taken into Jarjayes estate to recover, he meets Rosalie and compliments how she looks like his deceased mother, who he described as beautiful and kind, indicating that he is falling for Rosalie and she herself returns his feelings.

Later on, Andre reunites with Bernard and Rosalie, who after escaping her biological mother, met up with Bernard again, they began a romantic relationship and the two eventually got married.

At the end of the series, they meet up with Alain who became a farmer, and they talk about everything that happened after the death of Oscar, Andre and when the Bastille fell apart and bloody and gruesome events that took place after words, from the death's of nobles put on trial for their crimes, Marie Antoinette's execution, Fersen becoming a hateful ruler from losing Marie Antoinette and becoming assassinated, to Robespierre and his rival being executed for becoming corrupted politician's.

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